An mPortrait™ is a montage of memories using photos, video, text, audio and music to powerfully tell your story.



Delivered on DVD, VHS, CDROM or website, they make lasting treasures.


* Multimedia Inc. invented the mPortrait™ to take advantage of newly available technology that allows various media (images, audio, video, and text) to be combined to produce remarkably powerful and evocative portraits of any subject - at an affordable price.

The mPortrait™ is the latest evolution of portrait photography.
Just as in the past, individual or group portraits were done by portrait painters using paint and canvas; and later by portrait photographers using film and camera, mPaevum uses multimedia tools to combine photos, videos, audio and text to create a multimedia portrait - mPortrait™ - which has an exceptional ability to evoke, to move and to inspire.


* pronounced em-PAY-vum