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We create a unique mPortrait™,
which brings your memories to life;
presented on DVD, in a personalized case.



Dear Marie,
I just received my mPortrait™. It was so much fun to choose the pictures from our family albums which mPaevum Inc. used to make the mPortrait™ . Fast, easy and efficient. They picked everything up from my place. I can't wait to have you listen to the song I chose for them to synchronize to the photos. It's just so beautiful! I'm moved by the tribute they created.

I'm going to order another one - for my children this time; to celebrate the joy they are in our lives. It's my Christmas gift. I'll share it with you next time we meet.

Call mPaevum at 450-434-5116 for more details, or to order an mPortrait™ for yourself or family.

À bientôt,
Your friend forever,

Pat xx

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