A Light in the Darkness

an Artist's Way Workshop
– by Catherine Davidson

A Light In The Darkness

Julia Cameron, author of the book "The Artist's Way", suggests near the end of her groundbreaking book that there are those among us who fear undertaking projects that seem to demand many dark nights of the soul. Her deepest wish for those walking the artist's way is the company of fellow lights with the generosity to light each other's ways as we each pass temporarily into darkness.

Throughout this 12 week workshop, I would like to allow those who follow it the challenge to see for themselves that success, in a surprising way, does indeed occur in clusters and is born in generosity. The goal is to provide a holding, caring support of empathetic commonality.

This course is for Writers, Poets, Actors, Painters, Musicians and Creative People in all Walks of Life and Those Who Would Like to be More Creative!

If you have limiting fears or beliefs and other problems preventing you from becoming your creative self, this course will help you to replace those negative blocks with confidence and productivity.

Based on the principle that “creativity” is the natural direction of life, Catherine Davidson, MA will lead you through this program to recover your creativity.

Some Montreal area artists have taken the course and made some comments about how this affected them.

Included in this course each week is a creative exercise that will stimulate your creativity and aid in discovering your own creative process.

Previously, this workshop took place amidst Montreal's Central Business District and was tucked into a place called the Undercroft (a part of Promenades la Cathedrale in Montreal) where many people have found their own light in the darkness.

Please read some of the testimonials and browse the Internet to see what some of these people are up to now.    The Artists Way workshop began in 2005 and many of these artists were just starting their careers.

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Taking this course can transform your life!


The Artist's Way Workshop: A Path to Higher Creativity
The workshop is a 12-week course, one session per week. Each session runs about 2 hours and covers a variety of topics. Each session has between five and eight individuals.

For locations and times related to upcoming workshops, please contact Catherine.
phone: (514) 250-0528
email: catherine.davidson@gmail.com

Workshop Topics

Each week covers a different topic:
Week      Topic
 1.    Safety (Feel Safe on Your Chosen Path)
 2.    Identity (Self-Doubt to Self-Assertion)
 3.    Power (The Sense of "Yes, I Can!")
 4.    Integrity (No Decrease in Your Standards)
 5.    Possibility (Feasible Enterprises, not Dreams Only)
 6.    Abundance (Money is Abundant)
 7.    Connection (With Your Inspiration)
 8.    Strength (In Adversity; Gain Disguised as Loss)
 9.    Compassion (That is Reinforced Love)
10.    Self-Protection (Discover Your Potential)
11.    Autonomy (Follow Your Vision; Be Successful)
12.    Faith (A Leading Force)

Dealing With Pitfalls

The Artist’s Way will help you deal with certain pitfalls in the course of Life:
> Existential disorientation.
> Aspirations become foggy, muddled.
> Boredom, leading to helplessness.
> Negative scripts ("I do not have time" / "I do not have an encouraging environment")
> "My creativity seems to be vanishing."
> "I have been procrastinating when it comes to developing my own artistic creativity."
> "My zest for life is fading."
> "My enthusiasm is not as before."
> "At times, it feels I am just attached to duties which do not fulfil my soul."
> "People close to me discourage my choice to do art and put it in negative terms."
This course encompasses professional guidance, stimulation and direction.


I have taken the course twice so far, and am looking forward to take the next course about the ''Vein of Gold'', which follows the ''Artist's Way''. This course has opened many new doors in different aspects of my life on top of the artistic ones. Catherine is the perfect guide for the journey, she is gentle and professional.
Karim Dormeyer, Musician, Soundman, Sculptor, Drawer, Humorist and Problem solver. Montreal

“The Artist's Way has shown me how to find the way that I want to live, the path that I want to take, instead of just following the crowd.”
Trevor Tierney, All World Honours Gold Medal Lacrosse Goalie

“I did not know about synchronicity. (except through the lyrics of the band “The Police” ) I did not know about unblocking my creativity. I did not know about “crazy makers” (That cleared up so much!) I did not know how much fear was within me. Success can be really scary! I did not know that money would come and it did! What i knew prior to the course was reinforced in many ways. However, what I learned was to approach every situation, good or difficult, with an awareness that I will be able to handle whatever comes before me. I will celebrate every challenge achieved, every accomplished goal, and appreciate the insight obtained when I need to let go, or face a failure. BOTTOM LINE- I CAN HANDLE WHATEVER IS BEFORE ME!”
Sheryl Ann Medicoff, Artist and Photographer, Montreal

“This workshop helped me to focus on fulfilling my needs rather than putting everyone else's first and it gave me the time and the space to spend time with myself and enjoy doing things I like. I feel the happiest I have been up to now and the most independent...and that is thanks to you.”
Anonymous, Child Psychologist, Montreal

“What a wonderful way to get back in touch with creative energy, imagination and expression. Spending 12 weeks doing the Artist Way Workshops with Catherine Davidson within a group exploring different forms of artistic expression together was truly inspiring. Like many others, I read the Artist Way on my own years ago. I got to chapter 4 or 5 and stopped. With the help of group support and the warm, nurturing environment Catherine encourages, I made it all the way through the book and discovered many powerful and delightful treasures along the way that now feed a steady flow of creative expression and exploration. I recommend this workshop to anyone ready to claim or reclaim their budding artist selves.”
Irene Rapaport, Artist, Montreal

“Having 2 hours set aside each Friday night at the “Artist’s Way” Workshop helped me refocus on my creativity, making me realize afresh that creativity takes cultivation, encouragement from others and confidence in our own abilities. I did receive lots of encouragement and I felt inspired by Catherine and the other participants to go forward and to enjoy this creative journey and who knows: It may bring me to a realization of my creative aspirations!”
Lorraine Wibbing, Artist, Montreal

“The Artist’s Way group has been a tremendous and surprising support and encouragement for my art and my career. My music and my writing have reached new levels of expression. I have received a grant to record an album with my talented group “flotilla” and have begun to publish my poetry. Attending the group made me realize I was not the only one who struggled with procrastination, doubt and dry spells when it came to my art. It encouraged me to gently continue with the creative process despite these “obstacles.” What I also found inspiring was hearing about how others were taking steps towards fulfilling their creative dreams.”
Veronica Charnley, Singer and songwriter

“I really like what you are doing with these courses. I was in a very confused state until I started focusing on my dreams. I’ve just received a scholarship to study Finance at Berkeley in California.”
Pooja Saskena

“The Artist’s Way created a wonderful harmony between by music and spirituality taking me on an unknown yet protected path.”
Tanya Nielsen, Singer and songwriter

“I think for me it was getting in touch with the concept of the inner artist and that it has to be nourished and protected. I’m making sure that I get my creative input now.”
Donna Atkinson, Painter

"I would like to do this course again!"
Jana Stuart, Classical pianist


These photos capture some of the artwork on exhibition by students after Artist's Way Workshop.

About Catherine Davidson

A graduate of the Master of Arts program in Art Therapy at Concordia University, and McGill program in Group Therapy - both in Montreal - Catherine is a painter and workshop leader in creative growth.
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